Bloomberg vs Reuters Terminal

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by murphmack, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. How do they stack up against each other and who would use which and for what purpose?

    I just spent my first 2 hours ever on a Bloomberg Terminal and I completely jizzed my pants at the extent of the features and data, ease of use, etc. Jizzed my pants. So many unanswered questions were answered in those 2 hours and ten times as many new questions are now in their place.

    I feel like a little school girl
  2. Try to contain yourself... :) I like BBG a lot more, but I have a lot less experience with Reuters, so I am likely to be biased.
  3. Alot of content, charts suck!
  4. the charting is one of the biggest drawbacks against bbg but you can get around that using 3rd party programs that integrate w/ bbg data like aspen graphics. press <HELP> twice to talk to a rep that will walk you through setting up charts the way you want.
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    What's wrong with bloomberg charts? IMO The launchpad charts are better than ESIGNAL and Reuters.