Bloomberg vs CNBC

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  1. The gap in quality between these two broadcasts is astounding. Bloomberg vs CNBC is a bit like comparing the best steak and lobster dinner you've ever had versus a shit sandwich.

    Bloomberg is far, far better at reporting and discussing the most relevant news items. CNBC has a few pearls amongst the garbage but it's mostly pure noise and horseshit. It's the financial equivalent of Entertainment Tonight.
  2. I have not watched CNBC since getting Bloomberg.

    It's an amazing improvement. INCREDIBLE.

    Your description of CNBC as the Entertainment Tonight of financial reporting is spot on.

    Bloomberg is the Financial Times broadcasted.
  3. now ya know why he is worth over $10 billions dollars.
  4. Is the free TV feed on Bloomberg's website the same feed (minus the quote windows) of the cable channel?
  5. I had Bloomberg TV at a previous address and lost it when I moved about a year ago. A month ago, I was able to get Bloomberg again through my cable TV provider. Whew...Thank you Lord!!! :D

    How about Maria Bartiromo and her vanity junkets to Europe where she has a lame and completely irrelevant interview with some knucklehead that goes on for an hour?!?! Ridiculous.
  6. Yes, although the internet broadcast is about 30 - 60 seconds behind the tv broadcast. It is on my system anyway.
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  8. Nice. I wonder why CNBC doesn't offer this..
  9. You hit the nail on the head. Most of the news reported by CNBC is useless junk you don't need to know.
  10. Bloomberg is simply what a financial TV network should look like, nothing more or less.
    It shows how strong the forces in the world of finance are, allowing a quality network to survive among the cheap circus shows.
    Maybe there is still hope for US television, although I don't hold my breadth. Even CNN is a repititive soundbite show compared to a real news network like BBC World (eg.), where they even dare to spend 10 minutes on 1 subject. Amazing?

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