Bloomberg versus CNBC

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  1. While I don't think this would greatly improve or derate someone's bottom line, how many of you are using Bloomberg ?
    I know some cable providers don't offer it, and this depends on
    where you live and who your cable company. at&t has Bloomberg.
    I just started watching it by accident, after the political turmoil
    I feel CNBC lost some of the focus and professionalism it needs
    to provide. Bloomberg just provides facts and data. even on the
    week ends it shows overseas markets...
    I have been watching CNBC for ever but lately I feel it become
    more hyped up and sensationalistic - like CNN
  2. I like Bloomberg ...however my cable provider doesn't offer it...sometimes I'll watch it on the net ...
    I agree about CNBC...they hype everything...sometimes I just put on the mute
  3. Here on the west coast, Los Angeles, Bloomberg is available from 5am to 8.30am on the USA network. The scroller at the bottom has useful information such as earnings announcements. Bloomberg has an overload of information on many areas of investments besides stocks. Thus, for the pure day trader Bloomberg 's capabilities are limited.
    On the other hand CNBC is all about personalities and very little about usefull " tradeable information". I have CNBC on mute every trading day and turn it up only for breaking news. The after hour commentary is totally worthless.
  4. I watch CNBC in the morning because I get a kick out of Joe. I watch Bloomberg at night because it puts me to sleep. As for trading, they are useless. Just watch the futures. They will fall like a rock and 15 minutes later we will get the news.
  5. The value of CNBC is really the opening commentary from the NYSE and NASDAQ floors. During the day they are slow with breaking news.
  6. CNBC is effectively worthless. The Fed cuts rates and they're babbling on about which bond fund to own in a 401k or some dolt from Podunk is asking about the future of CSCO or GE or MSFT for the umpteenth time. Forecasts by analysts who, for the most part, have underperformed broad indexes are asked about their latest "expert" picks. I keep my eyes on the market and the tube tuned to CNN, volume low.
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    these services are not for traders.
    just forget about them.
    I usually watch sitcoms or whatever on TV. and when futures moves suddenly then I switch to CNBC to see if they know something then to CNN or whatever.

    These channels are for 'investors' although I don't know what that means :D

    during bubble mania, CNBC was a kind of scanner of what was moving. it was maybe partly a bit eventually useful. The bubble is gone. forget them. (Joe is fun though)

  8. CNBC has cuter girls on it.

    Martha = wife material
    Maria = weekend material
    Marci = cute geek
    Consuelo Mack = old but quality (not)

  9. I wish... that CNBC had more updates from people the likes of Arthur Cashin. Great comments while still running the floor.

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