Bloomberg versus CNBC Today: CNBC = 3 Ring Circus

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by ByLoSellHi, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. On this FOMC decision day, the difference between Bloomberg and CNBC is visible in its most pure form.

    CNBC is a three ring circus, complete with special effects, clowns and the bearded lady; an absolute joke and farce.

    Bloomberg provides thoughtful and objective coverage, and solicits the opinions of a wide range of credible commentators.

    CNBC is such an absolute joke. If you have the opportunity to get Bloomberg coverage, grab it with both hands. It is a superior product in every imaginable way compared to the the running joke that is known as CNBC.
  2. just21


    On Bloomberg you can here the countdown to the announcement in the background for fomc and non farm payrolls. 3-2-1
  3. Where's FBN in the equation? :)
  4. Surdo


    I switch back and forth between Fox and Bloomberg, I have not had CNBC on in over a month. TOTAL waste of time.

  5. empee


    so which do you think the herd is watching? Who goes to the casino that doesn't have the flashing lights and dancing ladies? Whats fascinating about CNBC is that they act like they are giving u useful information or your "ahead" fo the crowd.. information you NEED to know. I only found CNBC useful for fading. (ie one day I was short and pisani came out and said everyone was short, so I covered before it squeezed)
  6. DerekD


    Yeah, but Erin's looking sort of sexy in the giraffe motif dress.
  7. I dont even turn those cnbc jackasses on.
  8. You haven't missed anything.
  9. jd7419


    Cnbc is a joke. However Cramers stop trading at 2:47 often moves stocks and I have made alot of money moving in and out of them fast. Some of fabers rants also moves stocks short term. Anyway I agree the channel is a complete joke with Maria B. the most pathetic of them all.
  10. I'd hump-er-n-dump-er.. :D
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