Bloomberg user forum and Bloomberg automation?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mizhael, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Hey folks,

    Anybody knows of a user forum or newsgroup (like elitetrader) for Bloomberg?

    I am trying to obtain some data from Bloomberg terminal. They told me for this specific block of data, it's impossible to export it to Excel. I have to copy and paste these data for each date and for each company one by one, manually.

    OMG, that's tens of thousands of copy&paste.

    I am looking for some ways of automating key strokes and clicks to Bloomberg terminal.

    Any thoughts? Thanks a lot!
  2. You won't find it as any type of Bloomberg functionality. Consult your programmers to write an application which can extract the data. The problem with Bloomberg is that the "manual"- if there is one- is kept more secretive than the Colonels original recipe. Most of the info you get from your Bloomberg reps has been passed down by word of mouth. That's why it is always better to request your rep to be a grizzled, Bloomberg lifer than the girl with big tits. Even if its to the chagrin of the others on your desk.
  3. Don't complain too much. That's life.
    The reality is that for this piece of data, it is impossible to export to Excel. There is no Excel command for that. They told me that.

    Now back to the simplicity, we just need to find a way to simulate human key strokes/clicks, and repeat for 10000 times with changing parameters.
  4. oatmeals


    That's called a macro :D
  5. This may or may not help you. I've used it myself, and have no complaints, although I haven't done anything as complicated as you are looking to do.

    Its opensource (free).