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Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Stochos, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Stochos


    What is the point of the sound effects every time the screen changes on Bloomberg TV?

    Crossing to the NYSE floor <whoosh>, now have a special guest <whoosh>, archive footage <whoosh>....

    This is making Bloomberg TV look more like CNBC. It seems like the are making a determined effort to infuriate their viewers.

    These sound effects add no value whatsoever; but has the capacity for them to lose viewers. Did they hire a teenager to do this?

    Bloomberg TV used to be the stand out financial; it is now losing its way.
  2. I stopped watching CNBC a few of years ago because of all the crap flashy
    visual transitions and sounds effects; I thought one of their producers' children
    must have just graduated from a tv graphics course and been given a job which
    resulted in the crap visual/sound effects

    I'm in Canada and we have BNN - Business News Network which doesn't contain
    any rah rah rah, very sane and adult presentations. they did for a while have some
    sound effects for 'breaking news', upates, earnings etc and transitions, but they
    don't exist anymore which leads me to think viewers complained, because as you
    say the sound effects are fugging annoying

    email Bloomberg a complaint
    it used to be advertising theory that One person writing to a company was believed
    to represent 300 ? of that company's consumers, so don't think Bloomberg wouldn't
    care about your opinion or pay attention and drop the noise - start a Facebook
    blog about the noise, see if they're listed on Twitter and complain there
  3. Fuck the homos that decided that imbecilic sound effects should be part of the broadcasts.

    I'd personally like to kick the shit out of each and every one of them

    How about that nut case Cramer and his sound board of idiocy. Can't keep the morons interested unless you're taunting them with idiocy (makes them feel at home)

    Pass this along if you write their customer service.

    And a low-5 to the same scum that play pure shit music in supermarkets and chain stores.

    This is a universal problem. The world is run by the worst of us, not the best.
  4. Put it on mute or turn it off completely. Problem solved.
  5. drcha


    LOL. Thank you, I thought it was just me!

    Maybe we are just old fogies who have to face the fact the world has passed us by--no, wait, we are baby boomers. Even though everyone hates us, we are too big to oppose.......
  6. its called de evolution dude.

    Going backwards. Big time.
  7. Stochos


    Since I first posted, it looks like they hired more teenagers who brought all their PlayStation video game sound effects with them.!

    Whoosh, change graphic, whoosh, cross to the floor, whoosh, cross to London....

    What is even worse is that they have teeny-bopper house music on their Asian stream!

    Will Bloomberg wake-up and realise that most people are turning the volume off; it is a short step from there to switching the channel!
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  9. Mad Money ... it's a great show!!