Bloomberg TV question

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by rickf, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. rickf


    Is it me or is Bloomberg TV notoriously-rude about interrupting people mid-sentence to get to a commercial break? In fact, they seem to even cut off their anchors to go to a either they're very disciplined or else it's some computer that automatically cuts away at a certain point.

    Just seems kind of rude both in how they do it and the frequency in which they end up doing it....I mean, even CNBC doesn't just cut to a break mid-sentence.

    Just a minor annoyance....
  2. Banjo


    It's computerized. The commercial comes on at X time , ready or not.
  3. rickf


    That's what I figured --- probably has a countdown timer or some set of lights like they do during Congressional hearings.
  4. Bloomberg TV has greatly cut down on their staff in the past year. They also only broadcast in english now, and their radio service is basically a simulcast of bloomberg tv. Outside the US I notice that there are much less ads, although the breaks are timed specifically for the US audience. Outside the US Bloomberg breakfillers give interesting facts such as estimated oil reserves by country and most actives compared to the US, where all I see are shamwow and ad council ads.

    If the recession gets severely worse over the next year I wouldn't be surprised if the channel is shutdown all together and ends up only as a newsfeed/ News Video like Reuters for the major networks.