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  1. i'm up for a tradedesk job at a shop that uses bloomberg tradebook to trade futures. i thought bberg only did stocks and bonds. anyway, i've used a few futures systems before (globex, tt, cqg) and was wondering if trading futures on bberg us much different. anyone know about tradebook?
  2. Tradebook/OMS (order management system) is very easy & pretty customizable. Have you used a bloomberg before? If so just type OMS <GO> or SAPI <GO> and you can see some demos and layouts.
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    From what I've seen, it's probably only useful to a longer term trader - not day trading.

    It's got a VERY simplistic front end - little windows where you have to types in your price, menu for contract etc. Entering an order will take 30 secs if you're quick.

    If you're used to trading with DOM, clicking prices to trade, or need to reverse positions/cancel orders quickly, forget Bloomberg.

    On the up side, the range of exchanges is good.

    Things may have changed in the few years I saw it last - but I doubt it.

    On a side note, I wouldnt use Bloomberg out of principal. Their reps tend to be arrogant little kids straight out of college who think they know everything - or pretty girls who only know how to flirt. I can get that in a boob bar!
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    Also the reps seem to change every couple of months so you never know who you are dealing with.
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    High turn over I imagine.

    Have you ever met an ex-employee with a good word to say about the company?
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    Now that you mention it, actually I haven't. :)
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    Anybody I know that works for Bloomberg stays 10-15 years, the company is strict but has great benny's and promotes from within, I personally know about a dozen employees.

    I know nada about working @ Tradebook specifically, just another Elite Bullshit thread I see.

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    Maybe I was just unlucky, but my experience as a bloomberg customer has been pretty average, at best.

  9. Well said!
  10. 30 seconds to enter an order? you've got to be kidding. that can't be right.

    any why don't you like the dom? does it jump around or stay in one place?
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