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  1. I am coming out of college in a month and wondering how useful a bloomberg certification is when looking for a job. We just got a bloomberg terminal in our trading room at school and I am 3/4 the way to being certified in equities. Is this going to be much of an asset when applying for jobs?
  2. My guess is no. No one is going to care about a certification but at least you can say you have experience using it. If you're 3/4 of the way there, might as well go all the way.
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    what school has a "trading room" what school? sounds cool
  4. University of idaho - we have 8 stations each with 4 monitors. We run tradestation and genesis on each. Have an alumni who gave a generous donation and currently there is I and another student trading the account. We do all our execution through thinkorswim.
  5. Quite a few schools have these now...I'm on the energy side of the biz so I'm most familiar with the schools involved in that space but to name a few that have trading floors: Rice, Univ of Houston, Univ of Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, Univ of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Univ of Tulsa, Tulane, LSU, etc...
  6. Bloomberg experience is definitely a plus at the IB's. Makes it a lot easier to get up and running on a trading desk.
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    show us a pic of your trading setup at school.
  8. Picture of the trading room
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    Wish I went to a school like that. :D
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