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  1. .sigma


    Hey guys so my professor just said we will have access to Bloomberg terminals for the semester. I was honestly shocked and I am excited because I've never used one or seen one in person but am wondering if anyone here uses it or has used it?

    I'm wondering your experience using terminals?
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  2. I like the keyboard and still cannot understand why it is justified (I get it, people are used to it) but who cares.
  3. .sigma


    They keyboard? The terminal (computer itself) has a custom keyboard?
  4. yeah, it's dumb but cute.
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  5. kmiklas


    This is not a bad vid:
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  6. Overnight


    Damn, free Bloomberg terminals for a few months?! Those are pricey terminals. Yer in the big leagues now!

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  7. zdreg


    re: reality check
    I believe you will be receiving the stripped down Bloomberg Terminals which are available in many public libraries. They are limited to the basics which should suffice for undergraduate college students but may not suffice for graduate MBA and not for Phd students or for traders.
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    So, no porn then?
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  9. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Bloomberg porn has only the most high priced porn money can buy!
  10. zdreg


    Stripped down refers only to the Bloomberg machine, not to a human being or a sex robot.:)
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