Bloomberg subscription wanted

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by hananay, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. hananay


    I'm interested in taking over one subscription. Please contact me if you're interested.
  2. You can't just take over a subscription. People sign 2-year contracts. I suppose you and someone else could arrange it to happen but the reps know the individuals so you'd be pretty hard pressed to pull that off.

    The only way that bloomberg allows someone to assume the rest of a contract is if an individual changes companies or goes from an individual to a company with multiple subscriptions - usually they will allow the company to absorb the individual's contract.
  3. And there is this fingerprint keyboard login that makes it pretty hard to just transfer the password ;-)
  4. That's only for Bloomberg Anywhere. Bloomberg Terminal is just a regular Username/PW that can be as simple as bloomberg/bloomberg.
  5. I'll sell my bloomberg b-unit for $5,000. My sub was just renewed through 2/2012.

  6. hananay


    In order to do this the seller would need to send me his/her b-unit, we could then work out details like serial number etc on the phone.
  7. Regarding the PMs I am receiving. I was joking. You can't use the b-unit, it's biometric.