Bloomberg seeks 3rd term as NYC Mayor

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  1. bxptone


    I'd love to have him for a 3rd term, more for the fact that as NYer I'm scared to have anyone else has mayor. Don't really see anyone waiting in the wings worth voting for.

    But what I don't like is how money is completely turning this country upside down. And because people may have less of it and in some cases, yes, a lot less, America is changing the rules?

    I don't like the path this country is headed down.
  2. i have no problem with him serving a 3rd term.
  3. Right...

    Forget about laws and democratic rule. What do they know after all?

    The people know nothing, or what is best for them, and those stupid term restrictions should not stop someone AWESOME for perpetuating their benevolent rule over everyone. Bloomberg is the best there is and he should stay forever. In fact Bloomberg should be the next US president, so that he can shine on all the US population... or maybe even world president!

    Hmm, when I think about it - why not make him an emperor, a deity or something...

    Circumventing democracy and power abuse rules is just soooooo trustworthy.
    He seems like a veritable saint or messiah - he just might be related to a god...
  4. lrm21


    I hope this inspires B.Hussein Obama, peace be upon him.

    When we find great leaders we should desire their benevolent leadership for as long as God permits them to grace this earth.

    Its only through the divine inspiration of prohpets like B.Hussein Obama, peace be upon him., that we will truly reach prosperity.

    I salute Mr. Bloomberg. for wishing to forgo his great wealth to toil in the swamp that is NYC.

    Of Course if someone else wants to stay longer we shouldn't allow it. Unless he is good. In which case he can stay as long as he wants.
  5. i guess you feel roosevelt was a tyrant who had a evil reign over the US for 12yrs???
  6. Bloomberg is probably the only politician that understands what a credit rating is or its value. I think nyc has the highest credit rating it has ever had under his admistration.

    Bloomies affordable housing had I think about half a dozen defaults out of several thousand loans. He did not lower the guidlines. Good for him.

    I also like his attitude towards Washington when he told Schumer et al in Congress to butt out of Nyc business. What balls. (Again, I think this happened regarding Moynihan Station).
  7. ScottD


    Yes, I do. FDR is the worst president in US history. He is the poster boy for term limits.
  8. overall quality of life is up, crime is down, there have been some notable changes here. better than a few others that come to mind. eg: koch, dinkins etc.

    why is he the worst?
  9. ScottD


    FDR instituted the most socialist legislation, most of which still plagues us today.
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