Bloomberg, Reuters or?????

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  1. I am a US Equity daytrader.
    I am not interested in economic news or world news, just stock stories. This usually includes upgrades, downgrades, splits, contracts, and stories, particularly intraday.
    I am not interested in data or charting or execution, just NEWS and fast breaking NEWS.
    Ideally, i want something quicker than the usual briefing, fly, NTKN, newsstrike etc...and I am willing to spend more if it's going to be beneficial.

    Can anyone provide any comments on whether it should be bloomberg, reuters or perhaps something else?
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    dac8555 is institutional..and pricey. Dow jones news wire is good.

    But to be honest...i have always noticed on my bloomberg and reuters that the security i am trading moves before the news hits the wire.

    i can always see the price movement in the chart before the news....if that helps at all.
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    Tend to agree, most "news" is used as a liquidity opportunity by those to whom it was not news. I have always found it better looking for the tracks of Elephants ahead of the "news".
  5. You will always be late. The robots will beat you every time, if not the insiders.

  6. Would you say this means that other services such as Biz Wire or PR sometimes receive it before Bloomb or Reuters???

  7. hi Just21, can you add filters to reuters bridgestone, so that it will alert you to certain stories?
    Example if I added FDA as a filter, I want it to alert me to all stories that FDA in the headline or story.

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    It is possible that some may be faster than others...but we are talking very tiny margin of difference.

    Overall i have always noticed price action in charts before news hits the wires. I assume this is becuse it takes a few seconds to convey the news, type it, and send it out.
  9. by far reuters is better as most other vendors get their news from reuters. i use both reuters and bloomberg, but if i had to choose one I would go for reuters as it is better for individuals as opposed to professionals/institutions

  10. Hi Lauriston,
    Are you saying that many other vendors use Reuters as the original news source and then rehash the same news?
    There would clearly be a delay if this was the case. Even if that delay was a few seconds, one could clearly get an edge.
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