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  1. If you regularly keep CNBC or Bloomberg tv on in the background, you may like Bloomberg Radio (especially when Cramer is on). The interviews are a little longer and they seem to manage their time a little better. You can listen live on the internet, and mute the tv.
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    I think Bloomberg radio is very good, much more intelligent than financial tv.
  4. yeah, I've always kind of been a radio guy. Out where I live my only connection to the real world was NPR where I first heard John Coltrane, and all the am 50k watt blowtorches where I could hear baseball all the way from New York to Atlanta to Minneapolis to St Louise.

    I didn't buy my first TV untill 2002. At first it was fun, I watched all the Seinfeld reruns which I had never seen.

    But I like radio, because you can imagine who the people are, instead of seeing how actually goofy they look.
  5. well, I gotta go, it's 4 pm est. I always watch Neil Cavuto on Fox. He is so simple, wouldn't it be nice if the world was a simple as he thinks it is?
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    Are you kidding I mute the tv whenever Cramer opens his big mouth, afterall he did recommend Bear to buy the day before it went under;
    of-course he wasn't buying with his money...
  7. ??? did you somehow lose it all in the translation?

    No, I am not kidding

    Try going back to school and take a reading comprehension course

    If you are a father, maybe they will let you sit in with your daughter in her second grade class for a reduced fee
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    Very mature of you...
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    +1 to Bloomberg Radio.

    I particularly enjoy Tom Keane and Ken Prewitt in the mornings on my commute to the office. I can honestly say I've learned some stuff and gained insights from their show, guests[1], commentary, and interviews. And there's a good dose of intelligent snark as well.

    The only thing I hate is the radio network's constantly-repeated and overtly egotistical motto of "there's ABSOLUTELY no alternative" and how they refer to market moves in percentage points -- ie, "the S&P fell point two percent after being up point five percent." On the radio, it's easier to say "the S&P fell 5 points after being up 8 points earlier" --- but of course, when you move more than 1 percent, THEN go ahead and use percentages, because then you can presume, maths aside, that it was a pretty big move. :)

    But otherwise, yeah. I'll take Bloomberg Radio over CNBC *any* day of the week. Or Bloomberg TV, for that matter --- so much more competent and non-sensational/infotainy than the Comical Network for Business Coverage.

    [1] Most of their guests don't seem to be talking their books, which is nice.
  10. Bloomberg is good, and I find that I can also use as well. Keep a small screen running on my PC.
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