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  1. Hello,

    I am considering getting a trial of the Bloomberg professional service. what kind of real time quotes can you get with it exactly? can you get NYSE real time data like open,bid, ask, etc and ECN books data?

    thanks in advance
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    I've just asked them - will post back when I get a reply.

    Generally you can get prices from virtually any exchange in the world, although you have to pay exchange subscrption fees.
  3. thank you. please keep me updated either through posting or PM

    thank you
  4. Course you can, you can get any quotes you want. If you don't pay the exchange fees, you will get delayed nonetheless.
    GOVT, CORP, CRNCY, COMDTY, INDEX whatever you want.
  5. thank you for your response. I am only interested in NYSE equities and ECNs(Island, Arca, Inca) books for now. how's their reliability and speed? any experience with it?

  6. last i checked, bloomberg does not give trials on their data service.


  7. Reliability is top notch, information depth is beyond belief, fast and accurate. It will cost you a pretty penny, however.
    $1500 a month about (excluding fees) and i believe you have to lock yourself for a contract period.
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    NYSE Openbook is available for $50 per month, and provides real-time view of the specialist's limit order book for all NYSE stocks, updated every 10 seconds.

    You can get market depth for Nasdaq as well, including ECNs.

  9. Albeit in many (most to me) circumstances, a HIGHLY limited view of the true supply and demand in said stock.
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