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  1. Anyone have some documentation on the Bloomberg PS? I'm not talking about a brochure, I'm talking about a book explaining most of the BB functionalities. I can't find anything anywhere pertaining to the software (I realize most people get trained by the BB people but it'd be nice to have a reference manual)
  2. I have used Bloomberg for many years and I would say it is useless for 99.99% of semi professional investors. 99.99% of investors do not need the advanced functions which make Bloomberg unique but also expensive.

    However, you can have a look at this...

    ... but this 86 pages document is not a funny reading if you have never used the software or do not have one in front of you.
  3. Have you tried sending a message to the BB help desk? When I used to use BB, I found them very responsive
  4. man


    i guess they would provide a lot of material. you see, they are so aware of the obvious weakness of their system - finding new information -, that they have the best help desk one could think of.
    i would be surprised of you found anything really useful outside of bb world - there is no market for that.

  5. Agreed, thanks for the file.
  6. how are you using the BT?

    prop trading, retail trading otherwise?
  7. I work for a HF
  8. What are some of the advanced functions that make it worth the money?
  9. Functions for advanced bonds / custom derivatives traders
  10. in that case, then its not how you calculate your customized positions, is that others are using the same method.

    contact BT directly over their internal email and they will stay with you on that problem until its solved
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