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  1. Didn't know what other heading to put this under, so here goes...

    I've heard lots of good things about Bloomberg TV (which is not available in my market) and I've used for some time now.

    I enjoy trading global markets during the night. I use to get news and data. But they are spotty at best. For example, on a Monday I read that on Wednesday at xx:xx hrs country Y will release economic data. I note the time and calculate the differential and tune back into Bloomberg and they have nothing on it. I have even tried watching Bloomberg TV online and they don't cover it. Then several hours after the data is announced they will run a story on saying "Country Y reported a x% gain (loss) in GDP (or whatever it was) today resulting in their benchmark index rising zz% and their currency going up to $aa.aa after trading $ earlier in the session."

    From reading their online stories it seems they have bureaus all over the world, so not getting information in a timely fashion seems odd.

    This does suck. Nothing like getting spotty information hours after the fact.

    Does anyone use Bloomberg Professional?

    If yes, the following questions:
    How much do you pay?
    Do you find they report all the data 24/7 or is it more like CNBC where you get 8 hours of live coverage, a couple hours of idiots like Cramer then a whole bunch of infomercials?
    Do they report GLOBAL data reliably or not?

    Am I in the right place in looking at Bloomberg or should I be looking elsewhere?

    thanks in advance