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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Brandonf, Sep 12, 2006.

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    I have just had some family stuff come up which has forced me to come back to Iowa to help my dad out for awhile and they do not have either Bloomberg or CNBC on cable TV here. Is anyone aware of a place I can find either on the web to play them during the day on my computer. Thanks.

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  3. Other sites you may want to check out;

    You can watch segments from throughout the day. Lots of good stuff if you don't mind the Canadian angle.

    Again more segments to be watched at you leisure.

    If you get sick of the bloomberg music it doesn't hurt to listen to the bbc world service for part of the day.
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    thanks everyone
  5. i think it's simply cnbc europe live audio. cnbc europe's program includes a lot of broadcasts from the US channel.
  6. No, the cnbc feed changes from the European to the US as stated, you'll find that out when you listen.
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    Any good podcast on the same subject?
  8. What doesn't CNBC provide a live audio or video stream online? Seems to me that every financial advisor or trader would have it running on his desktop in the background. Can even change for it .
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