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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Mecro, May 21, 2004.

  1. Mecro


    Whoever watches or has seen this, what do you think. Definitely more professional than CNBC and focus on global economy is great.
    Been watching it at night before going to sleep and such.
  2. Ebo


    Love late night Bloomberg Asia.
    Makes CNBC look like Sesame Street.
  3. have you guys watched CNBC flipside? chicks talking about money? hahahahaha... i'm sure those broads are the exceptions of the rule. what kind of fine little thing would be talking about saving money instead of spending money?

    seoncdly, have you noticed there are alot of very nice looking women working as anchors for bloomberg in the morning? i watch them, not the tickers. you know why there's no, or not as many male anchors? cuz if they really know their stuff, they would be trading & making it in the market.

    wha you think?

  4. On cable? I think you can watch Bloomberg TV free on the net? Or listen to Bloomberg Radio.
  5. Hi Mecro,

    Like Baruch can watch Bloomberg live TV or Radio on the net...

    I do because I prefer to leave the TV on CNN (mute) during the trading day.

    If your looking for a good focus on Global Economy...

    This following websites is good.

    I'm sure there are others out there.

    Also, BBC TV and Radio is good too.

  6. Bloomberg is for trading.
    CNBC is for fading.

  7. cnbc is a joke, if it wasnt for the mooks following it gets nobody would watch it.
  8. Right. That's what I mean. They're a great fade. Last year's market bottom...the same day Maria did a piece on how 'to make money shorting'.
    You wanna nail the top in oil? wait until she does a piece on buying oil futures.:D
  9. =============================================

    CNBC is mostly etertainment;
    except for professionals;
    like Art Cashin [cashin in],
    John B .of B. Capital Management,
    Morgan Stanley trading mom Alexis Glick.....:cool:

  10. absolutely the best in the business...

    Mike Bloomberg, mayor of NYC, $4 billionaire ++, knew what he was doing when he created such a loaded screen of information for traders, by traders, to the trading community....
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