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  1. current issue is worth reading

    funny ... I bought it ... took it home and saw an article on Tudor had been ripped out , so I had to get another copy

  2. Oh man, I really want to read that Tudor article but Bloomberg Markets isn't available though the web and the hard-copy version is not available where I live.

    Is there anyway I can get a copy of that article??? Could you scan it for me?
  3. its worth reading .... plus there is article on Pimco 's Gross

    etc ... I still do not like the fact that basically the magazine

    is always refering to the bloomie service ( which I cannot afford)

    but you can call them and ask for the June 2004 issue

    and info on subscribing
  4. I don't live in the US, but I'm going to ring them up on monday and try and order a copy.

    How much is the bloomberg professional service anyway?

  5. Try this route from the Bloomberg website Media page where you can read five of the June 2004 issue's other articles:

    Markets magazine

    On the Media page right margin there is a click-through box to the issue's table of contents.

    Someone on another thread was looking for a markets calendar - there is also a box access at right of page for both June and July.
  6. Thanks, but I really wanted wanted the Tudor article which isn't offered for free.

    I got a friend in the US to send me a copy anyway, and I'm going to subscribe from here on.
  7. Come on guys, a bloomie is not that expensive, it's like...what, 1500 bucks a month before real time exchange fees. It's really worth it. and if you type MAG <go> you get the electronic version of the magazine for free!
    Now isn't it a good deal...
  8. nitro


    The best part of the magazine IMO is the back where they show how to use a Bloomberg terminal to display information that they talk about.

    It is amazing - this thing is the mother of all swiss army knifes.

  9. You at a prop shop nitro ?
  10. ==================================
    Interesting headline there concerning PT Jones;
    ''Wants to extend two decade run of returning 26% anually by stepping up investment in China''
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