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  2. haha read the comments.

    So much mis-info in that article, starting with price/cost of the terminal and going to things like "as much ram as possible and a fast processor".

    The only thing close to the truth is this quote: "You'll never be truly on par with a Bloomberg Terminal"

    Anyone who has used or seen a terminal knows right away that there are very few data service providers that come close to what bloomberg provides. The author reccomends reading blogs and following stocktwits is a better/faster way to get news than a Bloomberg?

    Don't forget the shameless Cyborg plug - I assume the software is free too since there is no mention of Cyborg charging for it? That article tells you how to waste $500/month. Any decent retail brokerage firm can provide equal news/research/quotes.
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    I like FinViz. That is quite useful.
  5. edit: holy crap I just saw the cyborg pricing lists...