Bloomberg is a commie

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  1. Any government that goes so far to believe they must protect us from ourselves is a goverment that needs to be overthrown. Been going on for decades. Just one more thing. These are the same idiots that will claim a woman can do whatever she wants regarding abortion cause it's "her body", but now this same woman can't drink a f'n can of pop. Somebody get me a tire iron cause I got some ass to kick.
  2. Abortion is woman specific, CO. The drink thing is most likely targeted at our kids.
  3. just buy 2 of them?
  4. Brass


    Just as the solution to the gun problem is more guns, the solution to the national obesity problem is more access to super-sized soft drinks. Fire can only be fought with fire and nothing but more fire. Don't forget to bring your matches.
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    I completely agree with you Captain. Did I just say that? :)

    Not only that, but the left makes the argument for pot legalization that we should be able to do what we want to our bodies, but we can't drink pop? So pot, not pop? Of course that is hypocrisy. Which is why I can't take anything they say seriously.

    And yes, your abortion argument is valid. A 12 year old can get an abortion and not even tell their parents, but can't buy a soda. I'm not even sure Stalin's Russia was this ass backwards.
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    Too bad you can't get your hands on a time machine to relive those golden days, eh?

    Nothing like a bit of over-the-top commentary to enhance credibility, wouldn't you say?
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    I have no love for Stalin but he wasn't a hypocrite. And btw Brass, he was a lefty. He is one of your distant cousins, not mine.
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    He was a "lefty" in name only. His dictatorship was very hierarchical. Hierarchies are products of Right Wingers by that very definition. Look it up:

    In politics, the Right, right-wing and rightist have been defined as support or acceptance of social hierarchy.[1][2][3] Inequality is viewed by the Right as either inevitable, natural, normal, or desirable,[1] whether it arises through traditional social differences[4] or from competition in market economies.[5][6]

    The political terms Right and Left were coined during the French Revolution, and were a reference to where people sat in the French parliament. Those who sat to the right of the president's chair were broadly supportive of the institutions of Ancien Régime[7][8][9][10] The original right in France was composed of those supporting hierarchy, tradition, and clericalism.[11] The Right invoked natural law and divine law to explain the normality of social inequalities.[1]

    Wolves can wear all kinds of deceptive clothing, but they are still wolves.

    On the other hand, true Left Wing is egalitarian, where there should be no wolves:

    In politics, the Left, left-wing and leftists are people or views which generally support social change to create a more egalitarian society.[1][2][3][4] They usually involve a concern for those in society who are disadvantaged relative to others and an assumption that there are unjustified inequalities (which right-wing politics views as natural or traditional) that should be reduced or abolished.[3]

    So I guess he was more of a relation of yours than he was of mine.
  9. +1000
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    I'm a libertarian Gabby. He is of no relation to me. I love how the left tries to distance themselves from a man who for the most part, supports all the central tenets of the democratic party with the exception of the measures he took to enforce those tenets.
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