Bloomberg had a good point

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nutmeg, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Bloomberg made a comment about pork barrel projects and special interests. He had said that there are some good and some not so good project, I'm sure we all can agree on this.

    From what I understand, he suggested that we use this special interest money not as "little here and little there" but to find a common goal to make major investments in America (the topic was infrastructure).

    Recently, there was an example of a historic group needing about 1.5 million to restore some landmark, and in the budget the politicians allocated only about 500k, far short of the amount needed for the project but, get this, the 500k was to be used for a study of the renovations. What is the sense of that?

    Well, it was money to keep the special interest group happy, at least the politician did something. I have the impression this may be the sop in these circumstances.