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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by chs245, Feb 16, 2006.

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    Does anyone know of a way to filter the bloomberg newsfeed in a custom application ?
    BB does not have an API for its newscontent, but I would be very interested to have the feed running into Excel for further analysis.

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    anyone using Bloomberg here ?????
  3. clarence


    This forum is not visited by many professional traders, which is why most threads discuss services like eSignal.

    (That is not meant as a troll, but the simple reality that anyone whose vocation is trading needs the speed and reliability of a Reuters or Bloomberg feed; they are unfortunately priced accordingly.)

    If you search "Bloomberg" you will turn up a few old threads, and one or two members who use the system; if you PM them, perhaps you will get a repy.
  4. I might be able to help, PM me.
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    Bloomberg is very protective of its data. Running an unapproved api feed would certainly violate your terms of use.
  6. I am interested in violating Bloomberg term of use, anyone can help me?

    1-Afaik, it's $1200/month and how data and news can be shared by traders trading at same room or remote locations?

    2-Which Reuters product is similar to Bloomberg service, is it Xtra 3000...How much does it costs
  7. have u tried this?
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    you believe you can get the news from reuters via their api. But yes, for bb you cannot get streaming news via the api but you can get them into a custom app. There are a number of crude methods but they all work. It all depends on what you want
  9. Try typing WAPI <GO> on your BBG terminal
  10. Surdo


    That is not BLOOMBERG from a Bloomberg Terminal!

    That is as good of a feed as is a Yahoo or Reuter's. com feed.
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