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  1. jesseah


    Does anyone here know a good way to get a group rate on bloomberg terminal?

    I was paying $1,500 / month with all exchange data though my broker, but they are closing down. An individual subscrption w/ be closer to $2500 I belive.

    Any thoughts on how to get this group rate again would be greatly appreciated!
  2. jumper


    I'd be interested too...
  3. sjfan


    I could be wrong - but we have about 100 bloomberg terminals across all the desks and the IT guy in charge of them once told me that Bloomberg does not given volume discounts at all. Given how they operate, I'll believe that.

  4. jumper


    I was told that 3 or more per location qualifies for a discount. But, that was a couple years ago.
  5. You get a discount with the second terminal addition. They must be under the same firm so if somone wants to sign a two year contract for two individuals it can easily be done. The individuals need to be in the same firm/office/area as well - Bloomberg is pretty strict about these things.
  6. Not being a smart ass, asking an honest question. What in the hell does Bloomberg offer for $1500- $2500 a month to make it worth that much? I daytrade on the futures side with swing/position trades with equities and equity options, and I pay nothing even close to that for my data and trade platform. Again, not being critical, just curious if I'm missing something that would be of value. I have no qualms paying if something is going to improve my bottom line.
    Thank you
  7. Research, Data, Analytics, etc. etc. its great and worth every penny of it.
  8. zdreg


    that is a good answer. if traders did not get their money's worth they wouldn't use it. don't forget in many cases the bloombergs are shared indirectly thereby reducing the per cost.
  9. I'd be curious what kind of analytics and so forth that isn't available publicily? Again my equity trading is more on the swing/ position side and maybe that is the difference. On the other hand most of what is out there is updated on the internet for free fairly regularly.
    I know I have my biases and have been forced on occassion to accept the obvious about what I can obtain for no charge or almost no charge, and to me that is a part of business. I run my trading like a corporation, or at least I try, and I avoid paying for what I can find for a cheaper price or free as paying for what is available for less cost is just a foolish waste of money.
    I emphasize again, I am not trying to be an ass, I am running a business and am always looking for an edge to make my bottom line better, and if Bloomberg is worth it, I will pay for it, but not just because they tell me it is better, I want true trader input.
  10. Perhaps some confusion about the term <i>analytics</i>. I believe you're using it in the sense of "technical analysis" -- whereas (part of) the value-add of BBG is its <i>quant</i> functionality. BBG was strong early on with its bond database and associated analytics, and has since expanded aggressively to cover other asset classes and datasets.
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