Bloomberg Gets A Gift In The Mail

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    Ya mess with someone's Big Gulp and you're gonna get burnt, Mayor.

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) Threatening letters addressed to Mayor Michael Bloomberg in both New York and Washington, D.C. have been found preliminarily to contain ricin, police said Wednesday.

    The anonymous threats to Bloomberg were opened in New York City on Friday, and by the director of the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns, of which Bloomberg is co-chairman. on Sunday.

    The writer of the letters made reference to debate on gun laws. Mayor Bloomberg is a strong supporter of gun control.

    "No, I'm not angry," Bloomberg told CBS 2's Hazel Sanchez Wednesday night at an event in the city. "There are people who I would argue do things that may be irrational, do things that are wrong. But it's a very complex world out there and we just have to deal with that."

    The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and the NYPD Intelligence Division have launched an investigation. CBS News reported both letters had a Shreveport, Louisiana, return address, reported CBS 2's Tony Aiello.

    Law enforcement sources paraphrased the letters' message as saying, "This is a taste of what's to come if you come to take my gun."

    "In terms of why they've done it, I don't know. The letter was obviously referred to our anti-gun efforts but there's 12,000 people who are going to get killed this year with guns and 19,000 are going to commit suicide with guns and we're not gonna walk away from those efforts," Bloomberg said.
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    Max E.

    We need to move to ban mail, if we can even save one life, we must do it.
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    He he he he. The Postal Service is going away soon enough.