bloomberg contracts---easy double

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  1. this should be an easy double, and at .13 could be way way more.



  2. Where do they show open interest?

  3. the volume figure is the open interest.

    bloomberg is willing to spend one billion on the campaign. once the marketing machine kicks in, these contracts should go up nicely as more people know him etc. ---that's one of my theorys.
  4. He's not made the real move yet's exploratory if that. If he does I'll jump on.

    How do you buy/sell though?

    Cheers, interesting stuff.
  5. still speculative, yes.

    here you go:

    buying/selling is really easy.

  6. does anyone have the latest rumours/info on this one?


  7. Nope...but I'd love him as a candidate. A very decent 3rd party candidate for once.

  8. agree. by far the best guy to this point.

    regards, surf
  9. Yes, he's socially intelligent and his fiscal sense is there too. I'd take him over Rudy and day and the Dems don't really offer anyone that I'd trust fiscally. Plus, I do feel Bloomberg would be more effective because such a successful businessman knows how to play the games of business, not just politics.

    Rudy was only really saved by 9/11...he wouldn't half the buzz he's getting if it weren't for his actions following the terrorist attacks.

    Bloomberg would at least add a great balance to another banal campaign of bullshitting.

    Cheers. :D
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