Bloomberg buys an election

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  1. WTF is Bloomberg doing sticking his nose in Chicago politics? Just in case it's not crystal clear, Bloomberg is a perfect example of why we need the 2nd ammendment.

    CHICAGO (Reuters) - Gun control supporter Robin Kelly won the Democratic primary for a Chicago area U.S. House seat on Tuesday, propelled by more than $2 million in television ads highlighting the guns issue bankrolled by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
    Kelly, a former Illinois state representative, said in her victory speech that the vote was a setback for the powerful gun rights lobby, the National Rifle Association.
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    So you're saying machinery orders have not grown by the most in a year?
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    The number is small in an absolute sense, because last year sucked too, and they cherry picked the component that rose because the total number was dismal. The trend for total orders has been down since 2010.

    Really can't see that eh? Someday you might be able to think past your religion.
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    I think you're cherry-picking reports in order to criticize Bloomberg.

    I read their economic calendar of reports every day, and in my opinion their spin is just the opposite of what you think it is.
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    I read the whole site, not just the calendar articles. It is quite obvious they are left supporters.

    The problem is that your calibration is so far off due to your marx worship.
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    I could make the same claim about your "calibration".
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    You could, but you'd still be full of shit.