Bloodshed to be expected in Budapest?

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  1. Hungary Is Sick Of Judeo Bolshevik Control

    Two Hundred Israeli Jewish Soldiers Arrive In Budapest

    The Bolshevik controlled government of Hungary is so worried about fiscal unrest they have brought in Israelis to protect the Jewish elite controlling the country.

    The 200 Israeli thugs, posing as a “military delegation”, arrived in four buses - windows covered – to the center of Budapest to a huge city block sized synagogue. They will be used to defend the weak government, which is plagued by nationalist protests and strikes.

    They entered through a garage for fear of violence.

    Obviously the intention is to house them there in the center of the city, within a few hundred yards from the spots where all the action will be played out on the 15th of March.

    Hungarians won't stand for these animals using their children as human shields. Locals partisans have made it plain that if any children are shot by snipers. or used as shields, there will be deadly consequences.

    The local Judeo-Bolshevik government increasingly depends on 30,000 policemen to survive from week to week. It just might turn out to be a very long and hot summer this year.

    David Irving To Speak
    David Irving is scheduled to speak in Budapest on March 15, 2007.

    A couple of years ago the Israeli Knesset [Parliament] passed a law stating that Israeli's could if they wanted, capture "holocause deniers" anywhere in the world and bring them back for trial in Israel.

    Are they thinking about catching Irving in order to set a bit of precedent?

    The Jerusalem Post did a write up on this new law in July 2004 when it was first passed


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  3. Öcsém, hogy te milyen hülye, kretén, garbónyakú, kéregarcú egy bunkó cigány vagy, ha tudnád.

    No hanyagoljál, majomarcú, gyíkfejû köcsög.
  4. The real question is, "What are their laws concerning bathroom privacy"?

    That needs to be worked out first!