Blood Substitute opinions

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  1. This is not a promotion of this stock as it is a penny stock. Please don't take it that way. I'm inquiring as to whether or not anyone has heard anything on blood substitutes. I own some shares of SYBD - Synthetic Blood International and wanted to know other's opinions.
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  3. bought $20 of it lol
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    The concept is a lottery ticket w/ similar odds. Synthetic blood has some of the largest technical hurdles in medicine (of which there are plenty).

  5. I disagree on the similar odds of a lotto ticket.

    Again, this is not a promotion, but a response to a comment.

    The product's results speak for itself in what limited trials it has been used in (I'm speaking of trauma and decompression sickness). Follow the link above. There are plenty of hurdles to jump with blood substitutes for sure. The question is which track is SYBD running on?

    The trauma track holds immense potential with immense hurdles - I agree.

    Decompression sickness? Not as bad as a lotto ticket in my opinion.
  6. its a lotto ticket. every penny stock is a lotto ticket
  7. I'd be very shocked if synthetic blood was on the market anytime soon....

    Talk about an uphill battle.
  8. they are all junk pm for more info.