Blood on the Street Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Trading' started by HeSaidSheSaid, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Hold on tight

    E-Mini S&P 500 -14.75 -1.10%

    Nasdaq 100 -32.50 -1.36%)

    Nikkei 225 -213 -1.96%

    Hang Seng -456 -1.94%

    Shanghai -40 -1.30%

    S&P ASX -41 -0.82%

    Straits Times -43.07 -1.40%

    KS11 Seoul -43.91 (2.19%)

    TWII Taiwan 203.11 -2.30%
  2. pupu


    Not to worry.

    End of day rally will erase all red, if not tomorrow then next day

  3. risky63


    holy shit....62 posts since '03
    why bother?
  4. are you crazy ? so what S&P is down 14 points after 100 + rally on s&P do you think 14 points is a lot? we saw that in egypt now market is getting use to this and and the end of the day we will be down less than 10 point if not less.

    and the day after tom we see every thing back to normal and market really to new high

    so if you are short you think with posting this negative BS you can take the market lower?
  5. risky63


    it was easy to see.....
    just put your hand in your pocket and find the the lowest denominator.
  6. lol i think that means he's sane :p
  7. LEAPup


    There's probably some truth to that!:)
  8. darn, which elitetrader unloaded his portfolio today, such a party pooper!!!!

    last Fri market numbers indicated some signs of warning
  9. Not Me. I have been unloading long since 2/14.