Blood Clots and Dr. Lee

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  2. The process by which blood clots is part of the immune system response. When a physician takes our blood and tests it, that immune response is one of the tests, one of several in a complete blood panel called CBC/Chem7.

    Any number of disorders could have caused the doctor's death and could be found by autopsy.

    It would be nice, if you would have taken a moment to obtain the appropriate background before posting such misleading and ignorant material.
  3. Lorraine Day is a quack and has been a feature on for quite some time.

    She claims to have cured her own cancer through natural remedies that she sells through infomercials. She's an anti-semite that believes in the theory of US government involvement in 9/11 in collusion with Jews. She thinks bird flu is a hoax. etc. etc. etc.

    It's not surprising that she writes an article that critically analyses and ridicules someone's death according to her "quacked" theories. That's mighty "Christian" of her.