Blonde Tells the truth about makeup, funny video.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Hello, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. Hello


    Watch it till the end and wait till you see how much better looking this chick is able to make herself look with makeup.

    Reminds me of the times when you take a chick home from the bar, after a few to many shots, and the next day she wakes up with no make up on when you are sober, and you wonder what the hell happened the night before.


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  2. Hello


  3. From Massachusetts and no accent?

    Example: "Wear did ya pawk da cah?"
  4. nitro


    I am gonha pahk the cah up youhr aaahss.
  5. tango29


    Wow, she looked a lot better at the beginning than the end.
  6. She'll look her best at her wake.
  7. I liked it. Looks like a jab at that skank Lady GagA

    Actually , there's nothing wrong with this girl , might have been funnier if she really was ugly, but then she might not have made the vid

    The ops a fucking idiot if he/she/it thinks she looks better at the end.
  8. TraDaToR


    She's not ugly at all, I would be happy to wake up with her after a drunken night.
  9. she used too much eye makeup.. gag!
    but she's not that bad looking. most american chicks look much worse without makeup.