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  1. ok, I got kind of suspicious when margo_trader was recommending his site to someone as if it were not his. So I did a search, and I find 74 instances of margo_trader putting out his blog on ET. Is perhaps the "Sponsor" label too small to read under his ID???

    How about removing these and a warning and locking the account, unless putting out our website en masse is now free on ET???

    I know I reported this months ago once or twice, but the Complain button on ET is ignored with a very high percentage...
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    I checked it out, not a single advertisement on his blog. He even as a sign that says we promote art not ads. Although blogs generally frowned upon, I would think if a user posted content onto our site from it and had to link back to his for technical reasons, and has no ads on his blog then I wouldn't see a problem with this.
  3. Gathering email addresses is an end unto itself.

    Sort of like RiskFreetrading, who now has 42 hits seeking users and emails to his "blog"

    But now ET is demonstrating how one can circumvent the sponsorship path

    --- We have margo and RFT who gain a following + email addresses via unimpeded posting of their blogs.

    --- We had a fellow you said his periodic mention of a website was just like "a business card."

    --- Previously, FX245(.com) built an entire website out of his "journal", unimpeded.

    --- Mr. Brandonf "used to be a sponsor" loudly worked on building his brand - website services, systems, etc. via sympathy and name dropping various services (which of course, could attract PMs or offers). Several times, he mentioned deals which unspoken, obviously probably came from ET contacts...

    Thanks for the info. That is 4 ways to do it. Maybe I will write a book...
  4. Zones, is this your website? Because you certainly act like it is :eek: