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Discussion in 'Journals' started by BudFoxx, Mar 4, 2007.

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  1. BudFoxx


    Before you knock this, I'm letting the performance do the talking. This is a blog without the fluff and opinions... strictly raw and genuine trading like the most of you.

    It's just meant for relief reading and sharing trader emotions and addictions that we all have as traders.

    I just wanted to share my trials and tribulations as an options trader and helping the novice avoid making mistakes I've made in the past.

    ...and if i get to a million from 30k, then this should get exciting!

    Althought the trading is in a real account.. the reading is just for fun!
  2. BudFoxx


    $30k to $100k already!! 70k in gains.. all options plays
  3. BudFoxx


    Not a bad start
  4. BudFoxx


    updated blog.. +6k last week
  5. thats very impressive!

    can you tell us anything about what you are doing?

    congrats to you.
  6. BudFoxx


    account now at $145k from $30k starting in 2007… $1mil on target!

    all options trades.
  7. neke


    At this rate, you only need two more months to your target! Could make an interesting case for a risk/reward study
  8. Can you answer what ratio of winning to losing trades you are doing?
  9. BudFoxx


    It's close to 75% or better this year. March/April I had it nailed with 9 winners in a row.
  10. your pretty badass, i also am trading solely on options.
    #10     Apr 8, 2007
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