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  1. As the author of the posts in question


    the NYSE indictment is on two charges:

    1. A reasonably monstrous PR gaffe, and
    2. Using a meaningless "headline" number for program trading for the last umpteen years.

    They recognized the fundamental flaw in the original "headline" calculation when it went over 90 percent; the problem was instead of acknowledging their long-time stupidity, they tried to slip the change under the radar. Nice try but I got 'em.
  2. The old figures always looked high to me, but I assumed they were right.

    I doubt if it mattered to anyone, or caused loss.

    And I assume the program trading houses knew the figure was bogus.
  3. Arnie


    I always thought those numbers were bs. I noticed that H.L. Camp has changed their website to reflect new numbers also. They were always going on about "PT is over 90% of NYSE vol". Gimme a break.
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