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  1. i just found out one of my wifes friends who is a mlm spammer uses email tracking software and can track our activity with her emails without us knowing about it. is there a way to block those programs without blocking the email with windows live mail? i didnt know that was even possible until today.
  2. dj8899


    Unless they hack your computer or email server they probably can't read your emails or anything like that.

    What a spammer can do is tell if you read an email that they sent by putting images in their emails. They do this to check whether or not an email address is active.

    Disable images in your received emails and it should cut down on your spam.
  3. they dont have any business tracking me. i tried disabling images but that kills all pictures.
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    I use a program called Mailwasher. With it I can delete any email from my ISP server without downloading it to my computer. The spammer then thinks I didn't receive it. It's free for one POP account. Web based email requires the paid version.
  5. Why don't you block her emails completely if she is an MLM spammer? Problem solved.

    Yahoo! has a great spam filter - moves the messages to Bulk and disables images for when you review the Bulk folder.
  6. she is my wifes friend and uses her personal account to send out her "testimonials"sales pitches. the wife doesnt want to block her totally.

    i did find this. hope it works.