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    I know that nobody can seem to agree on how this should work, and @Baron of course has his own views that he implements, but I do think it can be approved upon.

    Two things that come up for me are this.

    When reading a thread, if you someone replies to a person you block, you don't see what that blocked person said, so when you're reading the reply that is referencing a blocked user, you have no idea that its a reply to them, so its difficult to follow along. Now granted, since you blocked the person in question, you don't want to read what they wrote, but at least if the reply post had a quote that mentions the name of the poster that is blocked, even without the actual post, you can at least get a sense of what is happening. Sometimes people post a reply without quoting anyone, and this is exactly how it looks when the reply is meant to be a reply to a blocked user. If the reply could at least include the name of the poster that is blocked, you have some context and able to differentiate between these two types of a posts.

    When you click on the "followed threads" page, you see a list off all the threads that you follow, and there is often a reply from a blocked user. So it shows up here, but if you visit the thread at a later date once other posts are made, this information is hidden since there is no mention of replies from blocked users in the actual thread. So in some cases, you get a sense that a blocked user is replying (like from the "followed threads" page), but this isn't consistent across this site. Therefore, a blocked user should either not show up at all in any capacity (you can even see the posts that blocked users like for example), or they should show everyone as having replied, but their content not visible.

    The second point is that I notice some blocked users are replying to my messages, which is fine since I have them blocked but they don't have me blocked, but I almost feel bad that they are wasting their time replying to me when I won't be reading their posts. Would it therefore not make sense to highlight who has you blocked on the right side of their posts where it lists the person's post count and likes? Below is an example. This might therefore prevent them from wasting their time in replying to you. Overall, I think more transparency about blocking status might be a benefit.

    2022-08-02 1759.03.png
  2. Overnight


    It goes even beyond that, because /block is not the only feature...there is also /ignore, which is not the same as block. The whole system needs an overhaul.

    Your suggestion is good. Show every username in a thread, with a little note that someone in that message is being ignored or blocked by YOU, or had YOU on ignore or block. Those people's posts you will not see, but at least be NOTIFIED in some way when viewing a thread that you are replying to someone who is quoting a user YOU have blocked, ignored, or has YOU on block or ignore.

    Or my most favorite system? Just do away with the whole thing for a year, and see if the forum would really collapse and viewership would drop.
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  3. NoahA


    No offense Overnight, but I have you on ignore! LOL (You post way too much in my humble opinion, and it takes too much time to read most of your posts that aren't really that productive. You're of course allowed to post whatever you want, but I find it just takes too much time to see all your nonsense posts!)

    2022-08-02 1908.47.png

    So from this screen, because you were the only reply so far, I could see it was you and I un-ignored you so I could read what you have to say. You actually made me realize my mistake that most of what I talked about was the ignore function, not the block function, and the block function really is just an extension of the ignore button where you can choose to block all the ignored people.

    But I think you're right in that the whole system needs an overhaul, and doing away with it for a period of time might be an interesting experiment.

    Anyway, next stupid youtube music video you link, I'm putting you back on ignore! :D
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    See, now isn't that a problem? You had me on /ignore, saw that I replied to something you said. So you could not see what I said, but I saw YOURS. It should not be that way I think. The other issue is that I bet when you clicked this thread while you have me on ignore, you saw my name in a post, with no text. All you had to do was hit reply on my textless post, and you would have seen what I typed in the reply box. (and thus responded to it.) Another simple solution, in my mind, is to prevent people from taking users off of ignore/block for a fixed period of time after they engage the function. Say 30 days. These are the ideas I have thought of for upper management.

    And by the way, no worries if you cannot handle my posting style with music/videos. I yam what I yam. When the next one comes up and you get pissed off about it and feel it is spammy, ignore away! lol No hard feelings. Most folks who /ignore me come back, because I am too much fun. :)
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  5. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    There's only one problem with the system, and that's when a member is blocked and then he logs out completely (which means he's an unregistered anonymous user) to read what's been said about him by the member that blocked him. This loophole will be shut down shortly.
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  6. NoahA


    Yup, I agree with you completely, but it seems like Baron doesn't see it this way. Oh well... lets see how he does fix the one loophole he doesn't like.
  7. Overnight


    I have been in conversations with Baron about this, and it seems the biggest obstacle is the amount of programming it would take to overhaul this system. And this may also clash with his own vision of where he wants the website to be. But he's getting older and wiser. @Baron Are you older and wiser now? :)
  8. deaddog


    FWIW; I would like to see the quotes of a blocked poster when someone else replys to a post.
    It gives the response some context.

    If I had overnight on ignore then Noah's post (#6) wouldn't make much sense. Seeing the quote
    makes it very clear.
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  9. Overnight


    Baron...Bubbe, my friend, that is NOT the only problem with the system! And if I posted what I really want to post, I'd be back on Noah's /ignore bit, lol!
  10. All Baron has to do is make it to where you have to be logged in in order to read ANY comments at all like they do at - Have a more simpler opening page for ET.

    This will make it to where unregistered members (guests), members that are not logged in and the robots won't be able to read any comments at all. None. Nada. Not even one.

    And then if someone blocks you, you will never be able to read their comments or reply to them EVER again unless they unblock you.

    Oh, and get rid of the ignore function. Make it blocked or not blocked. Seen or completely unseen.

    If can do it then why not ET?

    Isn't it time for ET to step it up a notch and become a more professional trading website?
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