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  1. when was the last time anyone has gone to a blockbuster?

    sac capital and now icahn taking big stakes, are they hoping for a real estate play?

    i dont get it the dvd rental business is absolutely dead
  2. Their monthly passes seem to be working out all right. They also resell used DVDs and games.
    BBI finally put more into their game budgets, being that game rentals are very popular. Still not enough though. The game pass is prob a great revenue business for them.
    A lot can be fixed up in BBI but I guess the execs don't care as they are getting PAID.
    The real estate aint too shabby, at least in NYC.
  3. netflix offers a lot more dvds and its more convenient to get it at home. i just think this business is dead, going the way of cds few years back. i dont remember when was the last time i bought a cd.

    anyway, i could care less what happens to them it just seems interesting that two giants take such huge positions in it. they must know something we dont.
  4. Within a few years, the netflix business model may not even be viable. Digital content delivery is the future. In ten years you'll be able to instantaneously order any film you want via your set-top box/dvr. We'll scoff at the fact that people actually waited for discs to be delivered in the mail.
  5. Yeah, probably another super value creating Bankruptcy like KMART.
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    then you haven't been to bb lately, they now have monthly membership fee for unlimited movie exchange, I could have watch as many movies as I can stand in 1 day without waiting for the mailman.
  7. yeah, but selection in blockbuster sucks.
    netflix even offers international movies, thats where they make the money
  8. *******

    Used to work takeovers, in a smaller way;
    lost about 10% in one day long airline stock[non leveraged ],
    think Carl Ichan was in that also, didnt blame Ichan for loss.:cool:

    Actually tried to buy some multi imonth calls on BBI this week ,
    trends still look good, for educational purposes ,
    ,but at end of day thay looked exspensive compared to index calls, so havent bought any BBI calls yet.

    Usually the company being acquired [HLYW] has better uptrends;
    but my public info showed Ichan buying both BBI,HLYW.

    I leave the tick profits to the Bright Bros, & FuturesTrader71;
    like weekly/monthly trends, like old Nabisco Group Holdongs had,
    actually Carl Ichan likes monthly trends & longer.:cool:

    With all thy getting get understanding.-
    Solomon trader king, he traded like Thomas Kinkade painted
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    murray figure out how to use quote button properly? hooray !
  10. How about that discount on the BBI.B

    Damn large.

    Do some DD on it.
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