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  1. anyone hear what became of the block brothers?
    dave was the risk manager at protrader trading before he got s#*& canned for stealing.
  2. RAY


    Can you imagine what they would have ended up with if they knew how to run and grow a business... Not saying they did that bad (well :).)

    I still remember this "little" trader (me) looking at the block offices, in Houston, for the first time. It was amazing (remember this was 1994-95ish).

    That brought back some thoughts and memories; even though I never traded with them (my friend did).

    Anyway, I can not answer your question.
  3. "How do the big boys trade?...They day trade! Block Trading"
  4. in the day trading business from pit trading, while working for protrader, Dave Block was the biggest beat off Id ever met. He was the risk manager at Protrader and used to call himself an EXPERT before he got busted stealing.
  5. Overtheline,

    Dave Block was a total putz and was often in way over his head, but he was not fired from Protrader for stealing. I worked with him for 2 years and he was sacked for improperly handling an error trade by not closing it imediately.
  6. If thats true, then the big fruitcake running the s.d operation
    once again had things all mixed up
  7. Wouldn't be the first time
  8. Tolly,

    How do you know soo much about the block boys?