Block trading/Scalping still possible?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bjklt96, Mar 15, 2013.

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    Posted this in the prop firm section because I see block trading as trading thick stocks that are low priced and you really can't be to profitable without routes usually not open to retail traders. But didn't get a great respone and was hoping for a better one here.


    So my question to you prop shop owners/traders/people with information...

    Is this still possible since C is gone? (maybe stocks like S,Siri, etc...)

    If so, is UBSPASS still the route to go with?

    If not, what routes? (I use JPMDARK, is there a problem with this? Benefit?)

    How are you getting out of trades?

    My personal experience:

    Playing with S I've been able to get fills rather quickly with JPMDARK but I have a problem unloading the shares...

    Here's an example:

    1.10 orders of 1000 at 5.84 LONG

    2. Get filled for about 5000 in about 2-3 minutes sometimes more sometimes less.

    3. Use a smart route at 5.85 wait 15 minutes+ to get filled or get stopped out for a loss.

    So is this just not possible anymore? Or is there a route I should be using to get out? I have access to midpoints but I'd lose money if I sold there because of Fee's and commi....

    Thanks for your help.