Block opponent because of his race and religion

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  2. Stop Mark Levine (White/Jewish) From Stealing Black/Hispanic Political Power

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    What should we expect living in a country of hypenated people (except for Muslims, they aren't hypenated, they are the only group referred as American Muslims).

    (sigh)......betcha when a black or hispanic needs a good doctor or lawyer he dials up a white jew. lmao....:cool:
  3. A lawyer son:

    The dream of every Jewish mother

    and the necessity of every black father.

    Peace on Earth Goodwill towards men..{:>)
  4. blacks have fathers?

    oh wait biologically speaking they have sperm donors but fathers are kinda rare .
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    Mexicans take over by being the eternal victims. They will ask for interpreters at the public meetings, then once they get themselves elected, they conduct meetings in Spanish with no interpreters... they have NO INTENTIONS of every cooperating with anybody outside their community. I lived in a small desert town, they moved in, spray painted the white businesses, treated whites like shit when we visited their businesses.. eventually they took over everything in the whole town, or what was left of it. The California legislature regularly debates things in Spanish. Once they are in power it is OVER for anybody else, they don't like whites but they HATE blacks.. they like anybody that will pay them to work or a politician that will give them welfare but that's about it..
  6. I guess thats why 75 % of them voted for Obama :confused: