Block feature mostly benefits the culprit

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Seaweed, Mar 7, 2020.

  1. Seaweed


    @Baron , as nice as ET is, your block feature seems to give too much power to those who are actually causing some of the trouble.

    Over in the ES thread, I took a stab at calling out @NQurious over a trade he posted that didn't make sense.

    Then he got his panties in a bunch, but ended up saying that his trade call was in fact completely all wrong, and stated what he in fact did. (although who really knows what the truth is)

    I laid out a very good argument to show why his trade went past what his stop should have been, and it obviously got to him and hence why he came clean. Clearly his reputation is something he wants to maintain, or else why present this new info.

    And now of course, after all this, he has blocked me. Some members do seem to have come to his rescue, but the information in the thread is pretty clear. He completely lied about the trade he said he made and changed the entire story.

    But because of how your block feature works, I can no longer follow his posts and call him out when it happens again.

    Some might say all of the posts at ET are just to be taken as entertainment only, but then why have a thread dedicated to trading the ES if everyone is going to be presenting magic fills? You appear to have what is perhaps the best trading forum on the internet, but if you allow those who question other traders and are proved correct to be blocked out of existence, then you're quieting one of your best assets here, the members who take the chance to question and investigate.

    So now I have to go and create a new alias, and instead of participating in the forums, I just have to lurk. Participation is what makes this forum so good, but you're essentially stifling any desire to participate. @NQurious already has multiple aliases here at ET, so he is already breaking the rules of your forum, and given how the block feature works, he is given too much power when he is in fact the person in the wrong this time.
  2. themickey


    A couple of suggestions....
    It doesn't pay to follow other posters when in confrontation mode, it causes endless arguments.
    Request perhaps for NQ to unblock you, you can do this via requesting someone else to pass on the message.
    The other thing is, if you right click on any page number or web address you can view in private mode instantly, this is similar to if you were logged out. So in other words you can view ET simultaneously both while logged in and out, just a different web browser tab.
  3. What will the world do without you to see NQ's posts...
  4. RRY16


    Another suggestion that might help the ES thread for integrity purposes would be to put the OP aka B1S2 on block when the markets get over a certain level in the ViX. He’s been getting so bludgeoned it’s gotten comical, then again he’s an epic fade and the comments are hilarious.
  5. This whiny shit is why I blocked Seaweed. omfg get a life, Bro.
  6. Pekelo


    If you do that, the thread will disappear from your list.
  7. Seaweed


    This is incorrect. I have him on ignore and still see the thread.
  8. Seaweed


    Of course there are differences between ignore and block, but I forget the nuances.
  9. themickey


    Ignore: you can't see their thread but they can see yours. Done if you find their threads annoying.
    Block: neither can see each others thread. Done if they are a little too offensive and you don't wish to share content with them, imo.
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  10. wrbtrader


    Hmmm...I can see the "ignore" feature but how do you "block" someone because I don't see that when I click on any user name ?

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