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    Anyone in this crazy stock?!!

    Down over 5 pts then rebound back 3pts! I didn't see it when it was going down. But I got in long at the low print of 46.25. Got out too soon! Didn't know it was going to get squeezed like that!! Ack. Follow the trend! Stay in winner longer! I got a $1 out of it on a few thousands shares but would be nice if I got the $3 move. doh!!!
  2. Lol. Follow the trend he says. I'm sure that's what got you in on the low print.

    Anyway, I'll give you the congratulations you are obviously begging for: bravo, you smacked that sucker for a buck on a few thousand shares, great stuff 99! Have a great day.
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    Yeah, I usually FOLLOW the trend. Just for this BLL, I thought it was OVERDONE or OVERSOLD, which is a very very dangerous word! Haha. It mean it would only need to go down another 50 cents to $1 and I would be FORCED to get out and wiped a few grand and be done for the day. So, I guess this is the countertrend trade. But once you get in a good countertrend trade that BECOMES a TREND TRADE then you should stayed in as long as it still in yoru favor. Because now it hasn't actually gone down yet. hehe

    whatever. you know what I mean?!

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    You are kidding me?! You said Trade-Ideas actually alert when it started going down?!! DOH! I would have liked the 5pts ride down for a few thousands shares. Then flip fof the 3pts up ride. DOH!!!

    Socal, how do you find that? What's the settings?? I might try this product out!