"Bleak Market Monday" by CNN

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ethos, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. ethos


    "Bleak Market Monday" article by CNN is market manipulation by association. The article is gone soon after the opening.
  2. S2007S



    I think talk of ANOTHER rate cut is creating this buying, cnbc all morning long talked about rate cuts to get the markets moving again, amazing isnt it. Market sees new highs then drops over 700 points and they think the federal reserve is coming to save the market and forget about fighting inflation, too funny.
  3. Nothing to do with an expected rate cut. I am always wary when 'everyone' starts calling for huge moves one way or the other. A nice little short squeeze.
  4. What's so funny about that? It happened last time, it'll happen again. Ben has already placed himself in the bailout camp.
  5. the fed fights inflation? i thought they just enjoyed the clapping wall street gives them...