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  1. is it just me, or has the general quality of threads on elitetrader been going down hill lately? :( :confused:
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    Have to agree, but then again, these things seem to go in cycles (kinda like the market, eh....)
  3. I don't know, it's 98% pissing and moaning with 2% real information. Pretty standard for a bulletin board, IMHO. : ) But ET does have some real characters on it so that's a plus. Have you ever been on Raging Bull? There's basically two conversations in infinite variation and repetition: 1) "The market makers are screwing me. They should all be shot!" 2) "My (insert favorite stock here) is tanking so I doubled up on shares!"

  4. ET used to be high quality though. When I first came here 2 years ago, it was 95% quality information. Lately it is just all IB questions, ECHO vs. WORLDCO vs. BRIGHT. When I do try and contribute something I end up with a dozen pages of attacks and stupidity. I have no problems answering people's questions, I even try to help some, but I get a feeling that many of the more experienced people are slowly getting driven off the boards.
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    Sad, but would have to agree... I talked to a successful and experienced (20+yrs) trader and when I mentioned and the community here, he looked at me as if I had three ears.

    But then again, it is really up to us as members to contribute and make this an oasis of insight and polite discourse. That is apparently what was happening before I personally joined. Too bad I missed it! :)
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    is this forum the corner of the bar with all the oldies in it lamenting the good old days - get some sun, maybe a woman, or maybe just another drink!

    and how does someone look at you when they think you have 3 ears?
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    stevet, as I said I wasn't here in the good old times :) but what I meant by the experienced trader's reaction was that he didn't believe that successful traders would spend a lot of time online in such a website. His view was to have a person to person relationship (mentor-student) would be much better....but not of the $3500/day kind :D
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    I think it's been kind of "bleah" around here lately too.
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    success means different things to different people - and a lot of traders reach a certain profit level and dont jump at every trade - so i guess any of the experienced hands in here like that find it a diversion to read some of the strands and then end up replying

    but i suspect the long term trader (20+) was not being specific to this forum with his point - more about any sort of trading forum in general

    personally i dont know anything about trading stocks - so i find the conversations about stocks interesting - but most of the futures posts are philisophical meanderings and dont seem to be from real traders
  10. maybe as times have become harder you 'ol timers have become more tight lipped with you successes.
    help bring back the spirit & vigor of ET...


    please help us get back on track!
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