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  1. For any of you in the Washington DC area, the "Bright Brothers Radio Show" will be on WCA starting next week at 3Pm Saturday. This is the fourth major market, and since I promote on the show...I thought it would be ok to give you all a heads up. We now have Vegas, Phoenix, South Florida, and now the DC area. You can also get us on the web live.

    We have some fun with the show, and answer all sorts of questions. We've been on the air for about 3 plus years, and you might like to listen in!!

    (you can start throwing tomatoes right, about,,,,,,now)....
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    Don, I'm in VA thank for information. You will compete against Yu Dee Chan a local favorite here.
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    Do you have any NYC area radio shows? Also, you said that DC was the 4th largest market. To the best of your knowledge, what are the major markets and how many daytraders do you estimate to be in each? thanks.
  4. Is your radio station appearance available on the net, Don?
  5. What station is "Yu" on? Perhaps we should make an offer they can't refuse (to anothet time slot)....:)
  6. We have been "live" on the net for a long time...(I guess I haven't been "spamming" enough here)....Go to our website and click the link....or you can go to (our main station broadcasts live 24/7).

    I would like to archive some of the shows (a month's worth at a time, but am not sure of a good way to do it....anyone have any ideas?).

    Live at Noon Pacific....3PM East Coast Saturdays...
  7. Actually this is our "4th market" in major locations. The DC area is the 5th largest in the U.S. (I am told). Gotta say thanks to Neovest/First Alert and AIQ for their sponsorship in helping us grow....and "thanks to the academy, all our traders, my dog "Chester", and all the rest)...:) Oh yeah, and my lovely wife, Gina

    I don't really have a handle on the number of active traders ( I use the Stocks and Commodities and Active Trader numbers for a "guestimate" based on subscriptions per area)....
  8. you can listen to Bright Brother's radio show @

    on the bottom left corner click on listen live

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    Money talks.
    This place is getting really boring.
  10. We do what we can to slant our show to trading, rather than the "money talks" that are so abundant (and yes, boring)...we're not experts on radio, but we do pretty well in the trading business.

    Help us grow a new genre of radio, where the people talking actually do what they are talking about (if that makes any sense).

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