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  1. I saw a story on Yahoo this morning about something called a Blaster or "Sans" worm. I guess it takes advantage of a vulnerability found in windows like 3 weeks ago. Just wondering what this vulnerability in windows is and how would one take care of it?


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  3. Check the thread on "My computer is infected".

    It is the same thing and there are some good links to help.
  4. FUCK!

    I got it at home last night....we run xp at home and i just read the story...all night it kept crashing and giving me that message...imnot very computer literate,,,is there a simple lin where i can download the anti virus???
  5. How do you get the virus? From e-mail? If we don't open any e-mail attachments, are we safe?
  6. It comes through a non-firewall protected connection to the internet. I use Roadrunner and I leave the computer on all the time so it just "worms" its way in.
  7. So if one is using a firewall then that should keep that nasty worm out of the system?

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    Yes, if the appropriate ports are blocked.
  9. if you have a firewall, this worm would not affect you unless you explicitly opened up some ports that are used for Remote Procedure Calls.

    Basically, if you are not using a firewall, particularly on an always on connection, you are asking for trouble.
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