BLANKFEIN: Obama's Plan Is Very Credible And An Agreement Is Reachable

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  1. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein described President Barack Obama's plan to reach an agreement about the "fiscal cliff" as detailed and "very credible."

    Blankfein said, of course, it's hard to tell if a deal will be reached but "if I were involved in a negotiation like this, and everybody was purporting to be where they are, I would say that an agreement was reachable."
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  3. looks like our resident et angry white guy brainiacs are going to be left on the outside looking in again by the thinking world:

    At White House, CEOs offer support for higher tax rates

    (Reuters) - Chief executives from corporations such as Goldman Sachs and Deloitte LLP met with President Barack Obama on Wednesday and offered support for resolving U.S. fiscal problems with an approach that included higher tax rates for wealthy Americans.
  4. Lloyd Blankfein should be spending the rest of his life in prison. A major player in destroying the global economy, but now the leftists love him. Hated him four years ago, now a great man. Only goes to show you can do anything, ANYTHING, and your aces so long as you come to terms with Dear Leader Obama.
  5. dont love him but if sombody like him can be honest enough to conclude that a balanced approach is the only way to solve this problem it should give guys like you an indication of how far out to lunch you are.
  6. Blankein agrees with Obama and now he is "honest".

    Frankly, I'd like to know what's on Dimon's mind. Conspiciously absent.
  7. A balanced approach is what everyone wants, but then I guess it all depends on how you define balance. Both sides think they're giving up too much, when in reality neither side is giving up anything of substance. Out to lunch would be thinking these criminals will do anything that helps the average American.
  8. you guys are funny. if one of yor own meets with the administration and gets details on what thay want to do and comes away saying nice things you instantly throw him under the bus. first christie and now blankfein.
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    let me help you out dipshit, the sentence was too abstract for you

    nutmeg was pointing how 'you guys' are funny in how easily you have switched an blankfein
  10. Obama is a snake.

    Dd you see that woman Obama hugged (hurrican sandy victim) and promised the moon? She is now pissed.

    she is not the only one. There are others.
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