Blanche Lincoln Pulls an Upset,

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    Are you kidding me.... how did this nightmare win....

    How Did Sen. Blanche Lincoln Pull Victory From the Jaws of Defeat?
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    0diggsdiggShareE-mailPrintFont . (Credit: AP) How did Sen. Blanche Lincoln pull victory from the jaws of defeat? As of Tuesday morning, her top consultants were privately predicting a loss. But Lincoln closed stronger than she thought. A last-minute campaign visit from Bill Clinton, along with radio ads from President Obama, energized the African American vote in key precincts. Across the state, Lincoln did better in almost every county compared to her performance in last month's go-round.

    Inevitably, the $10 million that labor unions spent to teach Lincoln a lesson will be seen as wasted money by Democrats in Washington, who wonder whether the expenditures were worth it. Labor's interests were parochial: don't take us for granted, or we'll come after you, even in a state with low union density. And it is somewhat remarkable that a Southern Democrat nearly lost to a challenger who generally ran to her left.

    So unions wanted to make an example out of Lincoln, and they made their point. Democrats are still going to have trouble in the fall; the White House is going to have some tough conversations with its labor allies about spending, and the financial regulatory bill -- Lincoln is a key player -- is not going to be much effected.

    The same Democrats who privately predicted a Lincoln loss are now privately dismissing any chance she has of winning the general election in November. Based on their track record, maybe we should wait a few weeks and see how the state's voters reorient themselves.

    The fact that Lt. Gov. Bill Halter forced Lincoln into a run-off should have been the end of Lincoln. That it wasn't says something about the weirdness of the race. Labor welcomed the opportunity for the race to become a referendum on their priorities, but apparently, enough voters in Arkansas didn't like being used as proxies in a larger fight for the soul of the Democratic Party.
  2. A great victory for a conservative Dem. Good for her! It comes as a real kick to the groin for radical leftists. They did everything to smear her and failed to get their leftist hack elected. Her victory is an epic fail for radial leftists.
  3. I think it's awesome. Now she can get trounced in the Fall. If there were a different challenger, it'd be anyone's guess.
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    Yeah yuor right but i still dont want to see any dem who has been a part of this administration up for relection.

    As far as im concerned the best case scenario would be for these guys up for re election in the dem party, to get bone cancer or lou gehrigs disease. I honestly hope they die a slow painful death, since that is the scenario they are proposing [for america.
  5. Why not? I PREFER Dems that have been part of the administration to ones that have not. The ones that haven't can say "I had nothing to do with that fiasco in Washington."

    The ones that have cannot, and will take the beating over it.

    As for your cancer comment, that's miserable. Don't wish that crap on anyone.
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    Yeah i admit it that comment was over the top, i apologise to anyone who was offended, but it angers me to see people who are unwilling to argue that their position provides any sort of economic benefit still take the same position, take a look at the gayfly1 poll, 15 pages of liberals dodging a simple question, cause they know damn well their policies are horrible for the economy, yet they support these ideas anyways.
  7. I have to laugh at most of them (the liberals). I think they know, deep down, that most of their policies are flawed. It's just stubbornness, or something...ok, flawed. Hah.

    They won a huge victory after Bush. They could have turned that into an empire, but less than two years later, are on the verge of screwing everything up and being shut out of office for another decade. Their policies speak for themselves and the nation isn't going to fall for it.

    So let them dodge questions. Let them redirect the line of questioning into random topics they feel "comfortable" debating. All that matters in the end is 140 days or so from now, they get tossed out on the street.

    And it all comes down to one, basic formula that 2nd grade math could solve:

    You cannot spend more than you earn.

    If you could, Liberalism would be the most popular way of life. But you can't, and so it's flawed. 1+1 cannot equal 3 in reality, no matter how you fudge the numbers on paper.